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Thanks to Aideen and all our students for all their cooperation during this time when we are all learning and adapting together.


PCI I have to Thank You


On March 7th in 2020,

 My Journey started in PCI,

Not knowing what to expect,

My Anxiety reached an all-time high.


Arriving to an amazing setting,

To meet people, I now call friends

We were greeted by our tutor,

John-Paul O Brien is his name.


Relaxing each and every one of us,

 On the road we had just embarked

Personal development and counselling skill,

 Introduced right from the start


The growth I felt inside me,

 Was more powerful that I thought,

The courage that he gave me,

To learn to know myself.


His care and attention to detail,

 Every topic carefully planned,

And thought in such a manner,

 That everyone could understand.


Then Covid 19 hit us all,

Closing every facility down,

But that did not deter the staff,

They wouldn’t let us down.


Our classes started promptly,

 Teams they did suggest

Having members of staff available,

To our each and every request.

The quantity and the quality,

 Of each and every class

Stayed the same from the first day,

 And right up to the last.


Then Theories, skills and integration came,

 A new tutor we did find

And Amy Plant joined our beautiful group,

 Because that’s what was planned


Explaining all the theories,

 In a beautiful natural way,

Encouraging all the questions we had,

 And explaining them in a simplistic way.


From the friends I have made along the ways,

 And the encouragement from all the staff

Form class to online tutoring,

 An easy change helped by all the staff.


I’m looking forward to continuing on,

 My degree is what is next,

And I know I’m going to have support,

100% the best.


PCI has taken the time out,

 During Covid to help us all

With extra mindful classes,

They are taking care of us all.


They really went up and beyond,

What any College has done,

And I will always be grateful,

 For everything that they have done.


Written by

Aideen Newport



What our Students Say

"This course highlighted and revisited some of the areas I have covered before - it has given me the confidence to start actively looking at creative play again...a real breath of fresh air for practical, back to basics ways of working with children & after-all play is child's work."
Sarah-Jane Conneff - Child & Adolescent Counselling Taster Day

What our Students Say

"Mix of experiential & practical theory, the pace was good and Mike was very engaging and informative. I found it fascinating and it gave me a good platform for working with dreams personally and in practice."
Karen O'Leary-Using Dreams in Private Practice
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