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Sep 2016 by PCI College

A new Certificate course for a new term

The PCI College Certificate in Counselling & Psychotherapy has been updated and improved for the new term, focusing more on the elements that students enjoy the most. Gael Kilduff, Programme Leader, introduces the new course.

As Programme Leader for the PCI College Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy, I would like to introduce our newly designed and updated course.

My name is Gael Kilduff and I am a Faculty Lecturer with PCI College, lecturing on both their Certificate and BSc programmes since 2008.  PCI College has provided a foundation Certificate in Counselling & Psychotherapy for many years. It acts both as a stepping stone to the degree, and as a stand-alone course bringing a range of benefits to students.  As part of our quality assurance and our ethos to continually improve and enhance experiences for students, I am delighted to bring to you our brand new, up to date Certificate course.  


Certificate in Counselling & Psychotherapy Leader Gael KilduffWe have taken on board feedback from students and lecturers to redesign the course, incorporating new material, improved exercises and additional time for the most important elements of the course.

Who is the Certificate course for?
This course is designed  to not only meet the needs of those who wish to progress onto further counselling training but also for those who wish to spend some time on their own personal growth and development.

If you are contemplating undertaking professional training in the field of counselling & psychotherapy, then this course is designed to give you a flavour of what is involved. Training to become a professional therapist is a big investment both personally and financially. This course not only acts as a stepping stone into further education but also introduces you to what you will study if you chose this as a career.

It is also suitable for a person who is considering taking some time out to explore themselves, in a deeper more meaningful way. Developing self-awareness not only creates greater understanding of “what drives you” but also gives you insight into the impact you have on others and why people relate to you as they do.

Finally, the course can be beneficial to those who want to gain a better understanding of counselling theory and basic skills for their current role, or life circumstances, proving particularly useful for those who work in the caring professions, managing people or interacting with customers and clients.

Over the 100 hours of course time you will be given an opportunity to explore the key elements of counsellor training; Personal development, counselling skills and theories.

Module 101: Personal development (30 hours)
During this module students will be given an opportunity to reflect on their own lives. You will be encouraged to consider “who I am” and why I am who I am”. You will also explore what it means to live compassionately towards yourself and others, and to be authentic. A consistent striving for self-awareness is an essential requirement for a therapist in training.  Topics will include mindfulness, resilience, compassion and empathy.

Module 102: Overview of theorists (30 hours)
This module will introduce you to the most widely adopted psychotherapeutic approaches. You will gain a broad foundational understanding of a number of theories that support the work of a therapist.  This will include the historical roots and philosophical principles of each of the theories explored.  Some of the theorists you will explore include Carl Jung, William Glasser, Aaron Beck, Albert Ellis to name a few.

Module 103: Helping skills (30 hours)
Skills training is a necessary component of all counselling training courses. This module will introduce you to the baseline counselling/communication skills. While these skills were initially developed to help counsellors to become more competent in communicating, they are now recognised to have application in many other helping relationships.  Skills include active listening, reflecting, empathy and you will have an opportunity in class to see these skills demonstrated, and to practice them yourself.

Module 104: Introduction to the profession of counselling and psychotherapy. (10 hours)
Finally, module 104 will provide students with a broad overview of the steps involved in becoming a fully qualified, accredited counsellor/psychotherapist.   Some of the issues explored include ethics, confidentiality and professional accreditation.  This module will also be an opportunity to reflect on the course and the journey you have taken and to consider where to next!
Our team of lecturers, all who are practicing therapists are eagerly waiting to commence our Autumn programme. If you have more questions, or want to find out about class times, venues etc. you can click here or call Lynn or Adam at (01) 464 2268 in Admissions to talk through your queries.

One recent student, Karen Moylan said about her Certificate experience: “It doesn’t feel like traditional class: you listen, you discuss, you work in groups….all the tiny ripples you barely even noticed absorbing begin to spread right throughout your life, affecting you for the better in terms of confidence and insight…our class was exceptional too.  I think we forged an extraordinary bond, despite being of different ages and stages of life experience, educational achievements, belief systems and likely future career paths.  To anyone interested in taking on the certificate course, you won’t regret your decision.”


Gael Kilduff, MIACP

Programme Leader, PCI College Certificate in Counselling & Psychotherapy

September 2016


The autumn Certificate begins in all of our venues on Monday 3rd of October and is taught every Monday evening (6.30-9.30pm) plus 5 Saturdays between October and April. You can see all the details here - places are limited to 20 per class and are filling fast.

What our Students Say

“My experience with PCI College has been a significantly positive journey to date.
Johanne Kenny - BSc (Hons) in Counselling & Psychotherapy Student

What our Students Say

"I enjoyed the mock counselling having covered the various theories and realised which theories I was drawn to"
Certificate Student 2013, Belfast
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