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Professional Certificate in Working with Dreams

This five-day professional development programme will explore the theory, approaches and practical skills of working with dreams in practice, either with individuals, groups or for personal development.

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This five-day professional development programme will explore the theory, approaches and practical skills of working with dreams in private practice, with individuals, with groups and indeed for therapist personal development.

This fascinating 5 day programme will equip you to work confidently and competently with your own dreams and those of your clients. Many therapists find the area of dreams complex, arcane and mysterious, a curiosity rather than a grand window onto the landscape of their own lives. Yet many clients bring their dreams to therapy, trying to make sense of their dreams as they turn up and signpost important markers to their lives and their emotional and spiritual wellbeing. When presented with a dream, many therapists report feeling unsure how to proceed and generally ill equipped to mine this remarkable source of unconscious material for the gold of self discovery.

During the programme, we look at the role of the unconscious, revealing patterns and schemas, describing relationship issues, the nature of the therapeutic alliance and even how to identify resources and suggestions for therapeutic change. We look at the history of dreams in therapy from Freud through to the latest scientific approaches to dream work in therapy. We provide lots of space for working on our own dreams, practicing dream work skills, privately, in dyads and in a group context.


Venue: TBC

Duration: 5 days
Next Start Date: 

Time: 10am-5.00pm


Course Content & Timetable:


Day 1: Introduction to Dreams In Therapy (Part of Using Dreams in Private Practice course - click here for more information)

Day 2:  Dream Ethics, Process and Practice (Part of Using Dreams in Private Practice course - click here for more information)

Day 3: Experiential encounter with individual and common dream motifs - TBC

Day 4: Dreams in other contexts, limitations and constraints - TBC

Day 5: Integration & Assessment Day - TBC


Next Integration & Assessment Day - TBC



  • Essay of 2,500 words which will include a case example of 15 minutes of a dream work session with a client
  • Continuous assessment on the programme of developmental dream work skills
  • On the integration day there will be a 20 minute VIVA presentation of the therapist’s dream work process with a worked example


Note: Students who have already completed our two-day Using Dreams in Private Practice course, you can upgrade to the Professional Certificate by signing up for the remaining three days of the programme. If you wish to enroll for Days 3, 4 and 5 of the course, you must first complete Days 1 and 2, which can be done by enrolling in our 

Using Dreams in Private Practice, Groups and for Personal Development course first.

Mike Hackett MIACP,MARCHTI, B.Sc (Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy.Mike Hacket PCI College
B.Sc (Hons) Couns. & Psych., Adv. Dip. Supervision.

Mike is a faculty lecturer with PCI College, Accredited Therapist & Supervisor and long-time dream worker. He has been passionate about dreams since his teens and has collected his dreams into journals over the past 25 years! He uses dreams in his private practice, in groups, and has been a member and patron of the International Association of Dreams since 2006. Dreams and dream work are clearly important to Mike and this comes across in his engagement and approach to training others on how to both explore and employ their dreams in both clinical and personal settings.  See Mike's website Dream Insights by clicking here


What our Students Say

I attended the taster and it answered all my questions and concerns, it also made me want more. I will be doing the Certificate course.
Anne Cantwell

What our Students Say

"It was more than I expected; the teaching was brilliant, very organised, bringing lots of interesting reading and activities".
2012-2013 Student - Postgraduate Certificate in Child and Adolescent Counselling & Psychotherapy
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