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 Professional Certificate in Couples Counselling 

This certificate course is designed to enable qualified professionals to work with couples.

In this couples counselling course, you will learn to observe, assess, evaluate and formulate the treatment using the couple’s environmental influencers as well as their thoughts, moods, emotions and behaviour. The approaches presented are usable, up-to-date and strongly evidence-based.


The course is for all therapists who want to broaden their practice and be confident to work with couples, family members and relationship issues. This certificate course is designed to equip helping professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to incorporate Couples Counselling into their practice in a client-centred, integrative way.


The course will help therapists not only be competent in working with couples but it will also empower therapists who work with individuals only, to be aware that everyone is in some kind of a relationship - partner, family, work, friends. Therapists will feel more empowered in the therapy room. Issues such as the family of origin, sexuality are also discussed. As well as completing Day 5, the Integration Day, participants will be required to provide evidence of completion of 15 hours supervised relevant client work and submit a 2,500-word essay on a topic relating to Couples Counselling. The Integration Day will solidify learning and provide an opportunity for case discussion and supervision. Students who complete the clinical work will be awarded a PCI College Professional Certificate in Couples Counselling. There is an element of theory and practical work in this course.


This certificate course is designed to equip helping professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to incorporate Couples Counselling into their practice in a client-centred, integrative way. 

Course Details

Venue: Dublin West

Duration: 5 days - 30 Hours Programme, 10.00am - 5.00pm


Next Start Date: TBC



Day 1: Introduction to Couples Counselling

Day 2: Skills and Strategies

Day 3: Family Dynamics

Day 4: Sexuality

Day 5: Integration/Assessment Day - 26th January 2020

Additional Course Requirements (Before Integration Day):

  • Record of 15 hours of supervised client work in the area of Couples Counselling.
  • Record of 3 sessions with a supervisor.
  • 2,500 word essay

Assessed Award:

Find out more about this course in our short video with Programme Leader Mary O'Loughlin (view to the left of this screen or Click Here) or read her recent Blog Article about the factors involved in counselling couples 'Effective Interventions to Guide Couples'



This is a Continuing Professional Development Course specifically designed for Counsellors & Psychotherapist (including Students) and other helping professionals with therapeutic experience.


If you have any questions about your eligibility, contact us at enquiries@pcicollege.ie or 01-4642268.

This 30-hour programme consists of five one-day workshops, each of 6 hours duration. 


Introduction Day 1 and 2
The initial 2 days of the Professional Certificate includes an overview of the theories underpinning couples counselling including the work of John Gotteman. Therapeutic interventions will be introduced and practised including role plays.
The objective of the 2 Introductory days:

Relevant theories will be revised and revisited.
Participants will be introduced to counselling with couples and become familiar with the similarities and differences between couples counselling and individual counselling.
Working with gay and lesbian couples will also be introduced.
Day 3 - Family dynamics

Family dynamics - will focus on family systems including the work of Murray Bowen and Virginia Satir.  Participants will be introduced to the genogram.
Objectives of Day 3:

Participants will become aware of the importance of family of origin in couples counselling.
Become aware of the importance of being familiar with family values and mottos.
Become familiar with triangulation and mapping within families.
Day 4 - Sexuality

Participants will be made aware of the importance of being comfortable talking about sexuality in couples counselling.  Need to understand own sexual script otherwise the area of sexuality within couples counselling will not get adequate attention.
Objectives of Day 4:
To be able to normalise and validate couples around sexuality.
To be more comfortable talking about sexuality with the couple.
Become aware of primary and secondary sexual dysfunctions.
Integration Day 5

The integration day takes place in a relaxed atmosphere where participants are given the opportunity to outline and describe how they have integrated the learning from the workshops outlined above and applied them to their practice.  Each member of the group will have an opportunity to talk about their experience.
•    Understanding and prioritising main presenting problems
•    Understanding the maintenance of presenting problems
•    Able to outline interventions used
Participants will be expected to submit relevant documentation of 15 hours of supervised clinical work.




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What our Students Say

I have an in depth interest in the workings of the brain. The lecture was interactive, informative and extremely interesting.
Louise Reynolds, Biological Psychology Public Lecture

What our Students Say

"Really enjoyed it; highlight of the week, every week. Lecturer was fantastic"
Certificate Student 2013, Dublin West
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