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CBT for OCD & Health Anxiety



Participants will gain familiarity with the CBT models of OCD and Health Anxiety, and will learn to become more confident applying a Cognitive Behavioural framework & CBT interventions to these issues.


Course Details

Venue: Live online 1-day workshop.
Duration: 1 Day
Next Start Date: 15th August 2020
Time: 10am-5:00pm
Award: Attendance Certificate
Fees: Full Price:€100
PCI College Student:€80


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Health Anxiety Disorder (formerly known as hypochondria) are both in the spotlight at present due to the nature of the Coronavirus threat. The link is not just the level of the frequent handwashing that we are advised to do – that is only a relatively superficial type of connection, and mainly to certain subtypes of OCD. The real connections lie in the fact that the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic is a threat that provokes a lot of anxiety in many people, especially because of the high level of uncertainty that goes with it, along with a low level of visibility. These are exactly the kind of themes we find in both disorders mentioned above.


People with OCD are fearful of a variety of stimuli, environments, ideas etc that they associate with threat and danger. The danger themes that we find include health/contamination, but also security (e.g. checking that doors are locked), or fear that they could behave in a violent or sexually inappropriate way. Sufferers experience persistent intrusive thoughts (which they try to suppress) about these themes, as well as repetitive compulsive behaviours or mental actions aimed at reducing anxiety and preventing feared outcomes.


Those with Health Anxiety problems largely confine their worries to the domain of illness, constantly monitoring their bodily surface and sensations for possible symptoms, which they then catastrophise based on their anxiety rather than on appropriate evidence.



Course Content:

  • The nature of Obsessions, Compulsions & Rituals
  • The Cognitive Model of OCD
  • Underlying Beliefs in OCD
  • CBT Interventions for OCD
  • The Cognitive Model of Health Anxiety
  • The Role of Checking, Reassurance-Seeking & “Doctor Google”
  • CBT interventions for Health Anxiety


Eligibility:  Qualification in Counselling, Psychotherapy and students currently in professional training. Entry is by an online application form.


This is a Continuing Professional Development Workshop specifically designed for Counsellors & Psychotherapist (including Students) and other helping professionals with therapeutic experience.


If you have any questions about your eligibility, contact us at enquiries@pcicollege.ie or 01-4642268.



Eoin Stephens, MA, MIACP, MACI: Eoin Stephens, Programme Leader Professional Certificate in CBT


Eoin is a leading Counsellor/Psychotherapist and Counselling/Psychotherapy lecturer, who has worked in the area for over 25 years, specialising in an Integrative Case-Formulation approach to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


Along with private practice in Sallins and Dublin, he lectures at PCI College, where he previously held the position of College President for more than 10 years.

He is particularly known for his work in the field of behavioural addictions, and has an interest in the relationship between addictions and mental health problems such as anxiety and depression; he is a co-founder of Dual Diagnosis Ireland.


What our Students Say

“....Very practical.....The course is extremely helpful, I am looking forward to doing more days so that I can really process what I have learned!”
Barbara Reid - Professional Certificate in CBT

What our Students Say

I liked the group discussion and learning from the vast level of experience within the group. Anoinette held a fantastic day.
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