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Writing Therapy

An experiential introduction for counsellors and psychotherapists


This workshop aims to expand participants' awareness of the therapeutic potential of writing for personal and professional development and self-care, for both themselves and their clients/supervisees.


Therapists are often  familiar with the potential usefulness of journaling and certain writing techniques, such as unsent letters, but may be less aware of other tools like time-limited free-writing, therapeutic dialoguing, short-form poetry, and the use of a specific metaphor or published work as a springboard for personal process. The workshop aims to bridge these gaps and plant seeds for further exploration, with an emphasis firmly on learning by doing. No previous experience of creative writing is needed and though sharing of work will be encouraged at certain points, it will be entirely optional. As the focus will be on process, not product, there will be no pressure to produce anything other than that which you may find personally satisfying, enlightening, or whatever else. All you need bring is pen, paper, an open mind and a listening ear.

Course Details

  •  Who is this course for?

Pre-accredited therapists and accredited therapists and supervisors who work in any private practice capacity. This course is also suitable for students from year 2 that have commenced client work only. Some of the exercises revolve around the participants' current client work/supervision so it is therefore not really suitable for students that have yet to start seeing clients.


  • What will you learn?

Participants will gain knowledge of several practical writing pathways that they can then perhaps incorporate into their own personal process/self-care routines, as well as generating potential ideas for work with clients and in supervision.


  • Why should you do the course?

This workshop will appeal to counselling professionals and trainees* who wish to gain an insight into this evolving area, which is currently somewhat underrepresented within the creative arts therapies field. For some, the experiential emphasis may be a welcome change from more information and research-heavy CPD workshops. Being part of a safe, confidential peer space, with the opportunity to experiment with creativity and personal sharing, can also be deeply satisfying.



*Open to students that have commenced client work


  • Workshop content:

- Definitions and theoretical underpinnings

- Time-limited free-writing with sentence stems

- Using a published work as a springboard

- Dialogues and unsent letters

- Short-form poetry and metaphors



Venue: Live Online Workshop

Next Start Date: 20th February 2021

Time: 09:30am-4:30pm



Full Price: €100
PCI College Student: €80

Simon Forsyth is an IACP-accredited therapist and PCI College lecturer based in Dublin. A long-time advocate of the therapeutic use of writing and journaling, he has undertaken specialised training in the area, including a Practitioner Certificate in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes from the Metanoia Institute London. He has co-facilitated workshops around creative writing and wellbeing at Big Smoke Writing Factory in Dublin and leads a creative/reflective writing group for qualified therapists. His private practice, Nozomi Counselling & Psychotherapy, has a dedicated Writing Therapy arm for clients that wish to give journaling, creative writing, literature and/or language a more central place in their therapy work. Prior to training as a therapist, Simon lectured in Japanese language and culture at Dublin City University.

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What our Students Say

"...Excellent drawing all the concepts of CBT together. Very coherent & aided me tremendously. It was an excellent day and it knitted everything together nicely"
Tiernan Williams - Professional Certificate in CBT

What our Students Say

“Excellent facilitation. Interesting content. Good mix of theory with practical experience and demonstration was very valuable”

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