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Apr 2012 by PCI College

Introducing Academic Affairs

Muriosa O'Reilly - Academic Affairs Manager

Sinead Delaney - Academic Affairs Secretary

My name is Muriosa O’Reilly and I am the Academic Affairs Manager here in PCI College. I was lucky enough to join the team back in September 2011 and was really welcomed by the entire staff of the college, both administrative and the lecturing team. I can safely say that from my first moment stepping into Corrig House the person-centred approach to counselling and psychotherapy education was evident and is certainly expanded to welcoming and supporting new staff members!

The Academic Affairs Department is still in its infancy in terms of PCI College and the function and role of the department is constantly evolving.  In essence we are the administrative team behind the academic staff within PCI College and as such are responsible for developing and implementing the quality assurance policies and procedures, the production of handbooks and supporting class materials, organising venues, and producing timetables and looking after the lecturing team to name but a few!

The office is currently comprises of myself and Sinead Delaney. Sinead has been a real pillar of support to the training staff over the last number of years in her previous role in the Department of Counselling and Psychotherapy and I am lucky enough to be able to draw on her almost five years of experience here in PCI College. Together we will be working on a number of key areas and projects throughout the coming months. I’m going to take the opportunity to take you through a few of those projects.

Academic Queries

The Academic Affairs department is responsible for dealing with any academic queries a student may have – these can vary from a reference request, clarification on timetabling, to making up missed time for a module. To hijack a much use and abused phrase – we are here to help!

If you do have any academic related queries they can be directed through to the Academic Affairs Department via our email address, academicqueries@pcicollege.ie, and we will work to resolve your query as quickly as possible.


In September 2012 we are delighted to be launching our first HETAC validated programme, a BA in Counselling and Psychotherapy. This programme represents a considerable amount of work on behalf of the college in terms of programme development over the last number of years. The BA is a Level 8 qualification which is placed on the National Framework of Qualifications and is eligible for tax relief on tuition fees.

The BA will offer ultimately lead to a qualification in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Through the degree programme PCI College are combining experiential learning, personal development, reflective journaling, and working in dyads and triads which are important components of the course, in addition to the traditional lecture, tutorial, seminar and workshop formats.

The BA in Counselling and Psychotherapy offers another degree option to students joining the college building on the ongoing success of our BSc. in Counselling and Psychotherapy and our BSc. in Addiction Counselling (both validated by Middlesex University).

New programme development, and the continuing growth and expansion of the college to meet the needs of both our students and graduates, remain an important priority for PCI College. We hope to continue further programmes in the future with HETAC, Middlesex University and other stakeholders and partners.

PCI College and Quality Assurance

PCI College aims to be at the forefront of training and developments in the profession for counselling and psychotherapy in Ireland. The Academic Affairs Department is currently undertaking a review of the quality assurance policies and procedures for PCI College in advance of the academic year 2012/2013. These processes and procedures are in place to ensure that our students, graduates and members of the public have ongoing confidence in the standard of teaching and learning upheld by PCI College.

Here at PCI College we recognise that effective quality assurance and quality enhancement can only be achieved if individual staff members are clearly aware of their role and function within the institution. In addition the College recognises the importance of teamwork to ensure that we achieve the highest academic quality standards in the delivery of our programmes. To this end, here at PCI College we understand that effective quality assurance is a college-wide responsibility and is necessary to ensure the highest possible standards across all our programmes from our Foundation to our CPD courses.

Students and staff can access our current Quality Assurance Manual here. The reviewed manual will be available in advance of the next academic year.

Changing face of education in Ireland

Education in Ireland is set to change again in 2012 with the formation of the Qualifications and Quality Assurance Authority of Ireland (amalgamation of HETAC, FETAC, NQAI and IUQB). This will help further implement standards in education equipping students with transferable skills that can travel across borders. We aim to be part of this ongoing process building on our twenty years at the forefront of Counselling and Psychotherapy education in Ireland.

Ultimately success in education is achieved by working together and fostering a caring and supportive environment that is conducive to lifelong learning and growth. Engagement in this process will aid the personal and professional development of all involved. The Academic Affairs Department hopes to support both students and staff in this ongoing process.

I look forward to continuing to meet both staff and students of PCI College in the coming months and when your needs meet our skills, provide you with efficient and timely assistance! Indeed this brings to mind once of my favourite quotes – “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”. That is something we have plenty of in this office...

Muriosa O'Reilly
PCI College Academic Affairs Manager

What our Students Say

"Enjoyed more creative ways of with working with children; as a result my level of confidence has increased".
2012-2013 Student - Postgraduate Certificate in Child and Adolescent Counselling & Psychotherapy

What our Students Say

This was the best workshop I have attended, keep up the good work.
Life Writing Workshop attendee
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