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Dec 2011 by PCI College

Welcome to Student Services

I’d like to introduce our Student Services Team to you and talk a little about the Student Service visits around the Country and discuss behind the scenes in our Department. I’m sure you may already have had some contact with Student Services; however there are a number of areas we cover that you may not be aware of

In conjunction with offering Support Services to Students:

We process all assignments
We prepare all results presented at the Board
We organise and usher the Graduation Service
The Student Services Team has 5 administrative staff, including myself:

Student Services Manager
Rhiannon Murphy

1 year working with PCI College, originally from Wales, is very proud of being Welsh! and has lived in Dublin for almost 6 years.


Student Services Co-ordinator
Debbie Brennan

5 years working with PCI College, loves animals and is just back from a lovely holiday in Tenerife

Student Service Secretaries
Nicole Lynch

3 years working with PCI College, loves kickboxing and volunteers delivering food parcels and presents to homeless people at Christmas

Amanda Dunne

4 years working with PCI College, has a young family and owns a husky.  Amanda is currently out of the office at the moment.

Lucia McGrane

6 years working with PCI College, has a grown up family and enjoys travelling.

Temporary Secretary/Receptionist
Ruth Dillon-Leetch

Ruth is a temporary member of staff with PCI and has just graduated in Marketing. Ruth enjoys travelling and has informed us she is hoping to win the lotto someday to facilitate this.

These are the faces that you may have seen on our visits around the country.

The Student Service visits are a new service we offer to allow us to support you whilst you are developing and growing with your learning experience.  We’ve made our first visits to the classes and venues around the country and will be visiting each venue again in the Spring Semester – so please have your questions ready!

A number of queries may arise whilst you are studying with PCI College and we are here to support you with those requests and enquiries.  Providing confirmation of documentation, showing students how to access the Student Intranet and dealing with confidential individual enquiries is all part of our service.

We hope from visiting students around the country we can build on the working relationship between the College and Students and provide a comprehensive service that provides more than our students expectations.

We hope you find these annual visits helpful.

PCI College’s students present from a broad social spectrum with ages varying from 23 to 64, studying on a part time basis often with jobs and family responsibilities. Finding the balance to support students who juggle many responsibilities as well as meeting College deadlines, is a challenging task which requires clear and concise guidelines available to all but also a degree of flexibility.

Here in Student Services we are committed to providing as much information as we can, as clearly as we can, to support students with their College experience. We have taken our first steps with the visits around the country, to make ourselves as accessible as possible to all students and have increased the amount of information available on the student intranet.

This means you will see ongoing changes to a number of areas including; documentation, updates of forms available and to the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page online. We will keep adding and updating the student intranet, so please use this as a source of helpful information.

You may also be interested to know we’ve made some recent physical improvements including the Low Cost Counselling Rooms here in Corrig House.

Here are some of your comments from 2011 which include our recent improvements and visits around the country:
‘Your friendliness and professionalism have played a very important part in helping me through my time at PCI’
‘Your cheerful assistance has been invaluable’
‘You are a pleasure to deal with’
‘The counselling rooms are absolutely gorgeous – very impressed and the clients love them too’

The Student Services Team would like to thank you for all your positive feedback and cooperation this year. We hope you like the improvements we’ve made so far and support us in developing our services to you in the future.

May we take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Please note that the Student Services Department will be closed for enquiries from Friday the 16th of December 2011 until Monday the 9th of January 2012.

If you have any comments or suggestions for Student Services please email studentservices@pcicollege.ie we would be delighted to receive any feedback you may have.

Rhiannon Murphy
Student Services Manager

What our Students Say

“I am really enjoying the Distance Learning Certificate. I can study at home, when it suits me and I am learning so much about counselling. It is a great way for me to start my studies in this area. The material is easy to access and the support from the lecturers is a great help. I’m looking forward to the weekend workshops too, to put all the theory into practice”
M Derwin. Distance Learning Certificate in Counselling & Psychotherapy 2013-2014

What our Students Say

"Lecturer was very approachable and able to apply theoretical work to all forms of therapy".
2012-2013 Student - Postgraduate Certificate in Child and Adolescent Counselling & Psychotherapy
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