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According to The National Office of Suicide Prevention, in 2018 there were 352 suicides in Ireland and 12,558 of self-harm presentations to hospitals. The highest rates of self-harm are consistently recorded in young people. This course is specifically designed to address the needs of professionals working with those who may present with suicide ideation, have made suicide attempts or are engaging in self-harm. The content of this course will be experiential in nature focused on building confidence and assurance when responding to such issues. Working with suicide and self- harm can be challenging therefore this course will also address the importance of supporting your own wellbeing while meeting the needs of our clients.



During this course you will gain insight into why suicide becomes the option to end emotional pain and self- harm becomes the method to live with emotional distress. We will explore both the myths and facts and the relationship between suicide and self- harm, how to assess the level of risk and respond rather than react. The course will provide a space to explore how to support ourselves in this work and the challenges that can emerge.



This 5 day course is suitable for Psychotherapists, Counselling students, Psychologists, Social care workers, GPs, Residential care workers and other Allied Health professionals. It is aimed at those who wish to develop insight in how to respond to the needs of clients in crisis while maintaining the therapeutic relationship deep rooted in compassion and care.



This course will provide the participants with a deeper understanding of how to work with suicide and self-harm with knowledge, self- awareness and confidence. It will provide skills in how to address these issues meeting both the needs of the client and the care of the professional in the therapeutic alliance.


Special Offer: €600 euros for non-students and €500 euros for PCI students and graduates

Course Details

Venue: Live online 5-day workshop.


Duration: 5 Days - 30 Hours Programme (10am-5pm each day)


Next Start Date: 3rd October 2020


Course Content & Timetable:


Day 1: Working with suicide | 3rd October 2020
Day 2: Working with Self Harm | 4th October 2020

Day 3: Working with Children and Adolescents engaging in self Harm and struggling with suicide ideation| 17th October 2020

Day 4: Policies & Procedures/ Best Practice |18th October 2020

Day 5: Integration & Assessment Day | 22nd November 2020



  • Poster Presentation
  • Reflective statement

Day One: Working with suicide

  • Introductions
  • House Keeping
  • Expectations of course
  • Boundaries and Confidentiality


Suicide Module/Morning

Definition and present Prevalence Rates

Warning Signs/Increased Risk Factors


Correct Language to use

Myths and Facts of Suicide.

Conducting Risk Assessment


Suicide Module/Afternoon

Suicide Intervention Module of therapy.

Key Goals of Therapy/Therapeutic Relationship.

Coping Strategies/Solution focused CBT /DBT.

Closing Plan

Case Studies/Role play.

Duty of care/Self- care.


Day Two: Working with Self Harm           

  • Check in/questions re previous day.
  • Introduction to self- harm Module.
  • Definition/Rates.
  • Correct language.
  • Working with presentation of self- harm/Label Exercise/Case studies.


Day Three: Working with Children and Adolescents engaging in self Harm and struggling with suicide ideation

  • Initial intake and Risk Assessment protocol,
  • Child protection /confidentiality/duty of care.
  • Understanding Child development and cognitive ability/Impact of early Child hood Trauma.
  • The Highly sensitive Child/Issues young people present with.
  • The Therapeutic relationship/mediums to engage with children and adolescent.
  • Supporting parents and Managing Parental Conflict.


Day Four: Policies & Procedures/ Best Practice

  • Policies and Procedures to ensure best practice/Initial intake forms/Risk Assessment/confidentiality/parental consent ect.
  • Note taking when working with high risk clients.
  • Coroner court proceedings and giving evidence following loss of client through suicide.
  • The importance of self care and recognising burnout.


Day Five:

  • Poster presentations
  • The Changing world and the new norm for therapists post Covid/Technology and new ways of connecting creating a safe space.
  • New issues that are presenting as a result of pandemic that will increase risk
  • Importance of supervision.
  • Group Closing and fun exercise. 


What our Students Say

This was by far the best workshop I have attended. I loved the practical side and reading out to fellow class mates. I will use the skill i have learnt for my own personal development and for future clients
Dermot McCarthy-Life Writing Workshop

What our Students Say

"This course highlighted and revisited some of the areas I have covered before - it has given me the confidence to start actively looking at creative play again...a real breath of fresh air for practical, back to basics ways of working with children & after-all play is child's work."
Sarah-Jane Conneff - Child & Adolescent Counselling Taster Day
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