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Dec 2016 by PCI College

PCI College Graduation - 26th November 2016

PCI College Students become alumni in a beautiful ceremony in late November.

On Saturday 26th November 2016 PCI College welcomed it’s graduating class of 2016 to St Ann’s Church.

The day began with smiles, handshakes and a lot of photographs. Once gowns were fitted, and people began to take their seats, the graduating classes were able to take a moment and reflect on what they have achieved. Four year’s hard work and dedication had gotten them to this moment.
Students, with beaming smiles were about to becoming graduates (with beaming smiles)

Jade Mullen spoke on the day and congratulated students on their efforts and achievements, and highlighted the work that they will continue to do in order to grow as professionals and gave an insight in to her love for the profession. She said, “One of the reasons I feel so passionate about this is that in this work, we, you, are entrusted with personal experiences and emotions that many others are not. This is a privilege.”

As diplomas were handed out, the new graduates waited eagerly for the opportunity to throw their mortar boards to the heavens in celebration, but before that, a special award was given out, the Martin Kitterick award.

The award is given annually to the PCI College final year student who produces the most relevant, thoroughly researched and engaging thesis, of outstanding academic quality. PCI College bestows the award in memory of Martin Kitterick, a former director of the college who passed away in 2012.
This year the Martin Kitterick award was given to Simon Forsyth for his thesis entitled; “Coming out or staying in?”, The Persona and Shadow of Being Gay,
and its Relevance to Psychotherapy in Modern Ireland.”

The closing remarks on the day were delivered by Aideen Cudmore a former student of PCI College, and daughter to the late Liam McCarthy, college founder.


In her speech, Aideen applauded the students on their commitment and hard work through their course, and compared it to completing the Hell & Back obstacle course at times. Aideen closed with congratulations to the graduates and mentioned that with the expert guidance, and support from PCI that she has entered in to private practice as a counsellor. Something, which she never thought would happen growing up in the McCarthy family.

You can view the photos from the day on our Facebook page.  

What our Students Say

"Facilitation was very good and invited a high level of participation, great day and great learning” The Psychology of Me Seminar
Shane Cannon BSc (Hons) in Counselling & Psychotherapy Graduate

What our Students Say

"...Gosh I loved everything [about this workshop] and The teacher and group were wonderful. I would do other workshops on this topic."
Deirdre Reddy - Life Writing Workshop

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