Advanced Diploma Online Counselling and Psychotherapy

Part-time | 5 Months

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The ADOCP programme is designed to upgrade the practitioner’s existing qualifications in counselling and psychotherapy to include the provision of working therapeutically in a new digital era.


Advanced Diploma Online Counselling and PsychotherapyThough in-person counselling competence & training does ensure a strong foundation for online counselling and psychotherapy practice, it does not automatically translate to competence in a remote setting, therefore it is essential that therapists are familiar and confident in making the transition from using in-person counselling skills to applying them remotely in order to maintain a safe, ethical and effective practice. Students enrolled on the Advanced Diploma Online Counselling and Psychotherapy programme will not only be introduced to working therapeutically online but will gain mastery in this unique and quickly developing area. Upon completion of this course. Students will be equipped with the skills necessary to create a practical business plan for developing an online practice or incorporating online provision into their existing practice.



Students will have peer support for the online classes, as we continue to engage with our students in the creation of knowledge and have maintained connectivity within groups and a safe sharing space in the learning environment.  

Course Details

DURATION: Five months, part-time    START DATE: TBC

The course consists of 3 modules plus an orientation day and an integration day. Each module is 24 hours of class contact time and runs over 2 weekends. The course will be fully online via live, experiential classes.


AWARD: Advanced Diploma Online Counselling and Psychotherapy. 

This programme is designed to meet the minimum requirements of the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) for working therapeutically online. Please see the IACP website for further details. 


TIMETABLE: Once a month - Saturday & Sundays (9.30 am - 4.30 pm)



Online Counselling and Psychotherapy Skills: Students will be introduced to online counselling and psychotherapy skills where they will assess their current counselling capacities and refine their core skills in their transfer and translation to a remote setting. Students will be introduced to the efficacy of the online practice, including its history and frameworks. Students will also gain skills in working creatively online and working with risk in the online setting.


Technology, Ethics and the Law: Students will be introduced to common platforms and technologies used in online counselling and psychotherapy. Knowledge and practice of ethical and legal implications of working online will be gained in addition to a comprehensive evaluation of effective supervision needs and practices for the online therapist. The learning will be framed on accrediting body guidelines.


Developing an Online Practice: Students will bring together their proficiency in the application of working therapeutically online to develop an online practice, including creating a plan for client management and acquisition. Students will gain understanding and insight into managing boundaries in online practice, working with international clients and counsellor burnout.



  • 20 sessions online counselling and psychotherapy
  • 4 sessions of external supervision: log and report due as part of the case study submission

Entry Requirements



Students entering the Advanced Diploma Online Counselling & Psychotherapy course must hold a degree (Level 8 NFQ or equivalent; Final grade 2.2 or above) in Counselling & Psychotherapy.



All candidates are required to satisfy the English language requirement. Candidates whose first language is not English and who are presenting qualifications other than the Leaving Certificate may satisfy the requirement through the completion of the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) on the basis that they obtain a minimum band score of 6 at the undergraduate level and 6.5 at postgraduate level or an equivalent score of TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or Cambridge, which denotes a very good skill level of English. It should be noted that these are the minimum requirements in English and PCI College may set higher requirements in each case.


IT SKILLS: students require sufficient IT skills to complete the course


Students can expect to be provided with advice and support concerning any learning difficulties that they may encounter. Any diagnosed learning difficulty, e.g. dyslexia, must be noted on the application.

Course Fees



Tuition Fee: €1,950

PCI graduate discount: €1,650


Course fees do not cover costs associated with additional course requirements (personal therapy and supervision). Fees for supervision and personal therapy are decided by negotiation between you and your supervisor and therapist. The average cost of supervision is approximately €60. Personal therapy may also average about €60 per session.



Applicants should complete the online application form including the Initial Deposit of €250, which is deductible from course fees if the application is successful. Applicants are entitled to a full refund of the Initial Deposit if they decide to cancel within 14 days of receipt of their application. Should an application be unsuccessful, or if the application is cancelled by the applicant following this 14 day period, an administration fee of €60 is charged and the balance of €190 refunded.


The balance of fees is payable in full before the course commences. Fees are non-refundable in all personal circumstances. All courses run subject to demand and the formation of a viable class cohort. A full refund will be given to all applicants in the event that the class does not proceed.


For more information, please visit our Terms & Conditions page.

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