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We know it can be difficult to reach out for support but that can also be the toughest first step. We are glad that you reached out to us even if just to look at what we offer. As a client of PCI Counselling Service, you will be working with PCI College Trainee Counsellors. Counselling offers a quiet and calm space in which to explore any difficulties you are experiencing in your life with a therapist who will guide you in a caring and non-judgemental way.

We are here to listen

We are Here to Listen!

Whether you need just a few sessions to deal with an immediate problem or would like to work long-term on a deeper issue, we can help.

Please email us at

Call     0818 555 450

OFFICE HOURS:    09:00 to 17:30hrs

Monday to Friday

Appointments available outside office hours. If calling outside these hours, please leave a message and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.  Sessions cost from €10 to €30 each depending on individual circumstances.

call 0818555450

We provide quality and ethical counselling, on a national scale, to individuals regardless of their financial circumstances. Counselling is provided by mature adults who are currently undergoing professional training in Counselling & Psychotherapy with PCI College and are supported in their work by professional and accredited supervisors. 


It is up to the client with the aid of their counsellor to decide how long they may need to attend. This can range from several sessions for one client to long term support, depending on the individual’s needs. No two clients are the same and we, as a service, are aware of this, which is why we don't operate on a fixed-term basis.


As the world has gone through some changes with Covid-19 we have added another tier to our counselling service, with the option of online counselling sessions. All trainee counsellors have completed the relevant and update online counselling training. 


To speak confidentially please call our Counselling Service Team. As qualified therapists, their aim is to reassure you of the process, assess your necessities via an intake, and refer you to a trainee counsellor that can best suit your needs.


PCI Counselling Service is a not-for-profit initiative of PCI College!


Our service was established to provide affordable counselling. We understand that in life we can face and endure many challenges. Unfortunately attending a qualified counsellor is not always possible for everyone due to financial restraints. 


Our aim is to make the counselling process more accessible for all regardless of circumstances. Counselling is attended for many reasons: finding yourself in crisis or presenting issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, loss, stress, self-esteem, sexuality, relationships, family, anger, work related, to name but a few. If you are feeling lost, sad, insecure and are looking for a non-judgemental space where you feel safe, supported and heard, then our counsellors are here to meet you where you are in your life.

About PCI Counselling Service


We are a not-for-profit, non-funded organisation. Our fees are €10-€30 depending on personal circumstances and room rental costs. We have counsellors based nationwide. If you avail of our online counselling, there is a standard fee of €10 paid through our website.


PCI Counselling Service has been set up as an initiative of PCI College and with the assistance of their students/our counsellors who are in the process of completing a BSc (Hons) in Counselling & Psychotherapy. They are sent to us when signed off by one of the PCI senior members of training to begin clinical work and are all supported in their work by experienced, accredited clinical supervisors. PCI College has been training counsellors since 1991.


We are experienced in dealing with a variety of topis such as:

  • Loss and Bereavement
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship Issues
  • Stress
  • Anger Management
  • Workplace bullying
  • Personal Development
  • Self Esteem
  • Sexual / Sexuality issues
  • Relationship Issues
  • Family Issues


What is Counselling?

Counselling is a confidential process where the clients are provided with a safe, supportive and non-judgmental space to talk through and discuss issues, concerns, feeling, and emotions.


What to Expect

You can expect to be met wherever you are in your life with respect and professionalism. The sessions will last for 50 mins and will usually take place at the same time each week. Once referred to a counsellor, they will be with you for the duration of your therapeutic journey. You can also request a female or male counsellor and you are free to end your therapy at any time.



Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to ourselves and our clients. As a service, we can assure you that we adhere to the highest level of professional ethical responsibility and obligations to protect your confidentiality upon your commencement with us. 



Counselling Services available in:

  • Dublin
  • Belfast
  • Cork
  • Clare
  • Galway
  • Kerry
  • Kildare
  • Kilkenny
  • Limerick
  • Waterford

If your location is not listed here, please call us, as we will try to find the nearest available counsellor to you.

Phone hours Monday - Friday 9 am - 5.30 pm

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