Martin Kitterick Award Winner 2014

Congratulations to Elizabeth Keegan, Winner of the 2014 Martin Kitterick Award

Elizabeth Keegan, recent graduate of the Middlesex University BSc Honours degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy, is this year's winner of the Martin Kitterick Award.

The Award is given annually to the PCI College final year student who produces the most relevant, thoroughly researched and engaging thesis, of outstanding academic quality. PCI College bestows the award in memory of Martin Kitterick, a former director of the college who passed away in 2012. 

Through extensive research and her own experiences as a professional counsellor, Elizabeth wrote about the very current issue of self-harm, raising questions on whether the problem is a symptom, a syndrome, a coping strategy or a shadow side to self-care. ‘Self-harm has become an increasingly prevalent issue in mental health care, and in particular amongst young people who engage in self-harm for a variety of reasons.  The more we can understand the issues that lead people to self-harm, the better equipped we are as counsellors and psychotherapists to help them deal with the deeper problems that may be leading them to harm themselves” said Elizabeth.  “This is a really important topic in my view and one which deserves to be examined and highlighted more, so I am delighted to get this recognition for my thesis” she said.

You can read the full text of Elizabeth's essay here or by downloading from the left: Self-Harm or Self-Care? Is Self-Harm; A Secret, A Symptom, A Syndrome, A Life-Saving Coping Strategy, Or, The Shadow-Side of Self-Care?  A Social Perspective

Elizabeth operates a private counselling and psychotherapy practice in Castledermott called Lerr Counselling Services (, with clients from all over the county.  She sees people with a variety of mental health and anxiety issues, including those struggling with self-harm.

PCI College bestows the award in memory of Martin Kitterick, a former director of the college who passed away in 2012.

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