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1. Terms & Conditions


2. Privacy Policy

2.1 Cookies Policy

3. Access Transfers & Progression

3.1 Policies 
Access, Applications and Admissions Policy v1.0
Recognition of Prior Learning Policy v1.1
Transfer and Progression Policy v1.0
3.2 Procedures
Access, Applications & Admissions Procedure v1.0
Recognition of Prior Learning Procedure v1.1
Transfers & Progression Procedure v1.0
3.3 Access, Transfer and Progression Resources
Access, Transfer and Progression Resources

4. Assessment of Learners 

4.1 Policies
Assessment of Learners Policy v1.4
Completion Rates Policy V1.0 
Ethical Guidelines for Assessors Policy v1.0 
External Consultant Policy v1.0
External Examiner Nomination Criteria - MU
External Examiner Policy v1.0
Programme Assessment Strategy Policy v1.0
Programme Level Management of Assessment Policy v1.0
Retention of Assessments Policy v1.1
4.2. Procedures
Administrative Quality Assurance Procedure v1.0 
Annual Comparative Study Report Procedure v1.0 
Assessment of Learners Procedure v1.3
Classifications of Awards (Middlesex) at Academic Boards Procedure v1.0 
Classifications of Awards (QQI) at Academic Boards Procedure v1.1
Continuous Assessment Procedure QQI v1.0
Ethical Guidelines for Assessors Procedure v1.0
External Consultant Procedure v1.0
Procedure for Addressing Academic Misconduct v1.0
Retention of Assessments Procedure v1.1
4.3 Assessment of Learners Resources 
Assessment of Learners Resources 

5. Blended Learning

5.1 Policies
Blended Learning Policy PCI v1.0
Blended Learning Strategic Plan PCI v1.0
5.2 Procedures
Blended Learning Procedure PCI v1.0
5.3 Blended Learning Procedures
Blended Learning Resources

6. Collaborative Programmes, Transnational Programmes and Joint Awards

6.1 Policies
Collaborative Provision, Transnational and Joint Awards Policy  v1.0
6.2 Procedures
Collaborative Programmes, Transnational Programmes and Joint Awards Procedure v1.0
6.3 Collaborative, Transnational & Joint Awards Resources
Collaborative, Transnational and Joint Awards Resources

7. Education & Training

7.1 Policies
Learning Environments Policy v1.0
New Programme Design, Development and Validation Policy v1.0
Ongoing Programme Monitoring Policy v1.0
Revalidation Policy v1.0
7.2 Procedures
Annual Module Review Procedure v1.0
Annual Programme Review Procedures v1.0
New Programme Design and Validation Procedure v1.0
Ongoing Programme Monitoring Procedure v1.0
Revalidation Procedure v1.0
7.3 Education &Training References
Education and Training References

8. Governance & Quality Assurance

8.1 Policies
Institutional Cyclical Review Policy & Procedure v1.0
QA Management Policy v1.0
PCI College Link Tutor Specification v1.0
8.2 Procedures
Contingency Planning Procedure v1.0
8.3 Strategy
Institutional Governance and Board of Directors Overview v1.1
PCI College Strategic Plan 1.0
Teaching and Learning Strategy v1.0
8.4 Governance & Quality Assurance Resources
Governance and Quality Assurance Resources

9. Information & Data Management

9.1 Policies
Confidentiality Policy v1.0
Data Collection, Information and Management Policy v1.0
Internet Social Media and Email Policy QQI v1.0
Privacy Policy v1.0
9.2 Procedures
Procedures on Data Collection, Information & Management v1.0
9.3 Information Management Resource
Information Management Resource

10. Public Information

10.1 Policies
Public Information Policy v1.0
10.2 Procedures
Public Information Procedure v1.0
External Complaints Procedure v1.0
10.3 Public Information Resources
Public Information Resources

11. Recruitment

11.1 Policies
Staff Recruitment, Management and Development Policy v1.0
11.2 Procedures
Staff Recruitment, Management and Development Procedure v1.0
11.3 Staff Recruitment, Management and Development Resources
Staff Recruitment, Management and Development Resources 

12. Self Evaluation & Monitoring

12.1 Policies
Self Evaluation & Monitoring Policy v1.0 
12.2 Procedures
Self Evaluation & Monitoring Procedure v1.0 
12.3 Self-Evaluation and Monitoring Resources
Self-evaluation and Monitoring Resources 

13. Support for Learners

13.1 Policies
MU ee. PVG code of conduct
Student Protection Plan v1.2
Support for Learners Policies v1.1

13.2 Procedures

Support for Learners Procedure v1.1
13.3 Support for Learners Resources
Support for Learners Resources

14. Website Policy


15. Mandatory Reporting

15.1 Policies
PCI College’s Mandatory Reporting Policy
15.1 Procedures
PCI College's Mandatory Reporting Procedure

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